Alpha Delta Gamma


We realize our members are students first, and we want to see them succeed academically. As a Fraternity, we provide education to our scholarship officers on utilizing campus resources for academic assistance and encourage them to consistently evaluate their chapter’s activities in order to make sure the member experience is fostering an environment that champions academic success.  Learn more


Alpha Gamma Delta has made a commitment to academic excellence both for the individual and for the chapter. The chapter has specific goals and guidelines to assure that academic achievement remains a priority. The chapter continues to be ranked top in grades and stays above the All Women’s Campus GPA. The Fraternity’s Strive for Pi program recognizes individuals and chapters that have attained a 3.14 grade point average each term. Each member must attain at least a 2.5 grade point average to be initiated. Each collegiate chapter must maintain a 2.8 to remain in Good Standing with the International Fraternity.We provide our new members with a study hall program during their first semester. 

Our chapter provides 2 scholarships for our members each year.  One is with the EIU Foundation and the other is with the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.

We strive each semester to meet our academic goals. We study together in the library and at the chapter house, understanding that we are all working together to improve our scholarship and well being.